Custom Knives
 -made by good friends!

Ansų Knives

Porcupine Dagger  A little black&white experimentation!:) My first custom folder! Ansų Rebel; Titanium framelock, RWL-34 blade and green/grey fibermascus! Fantastic work!
New shot of the flipside of the Rebel One off Ansų Kitchen knife, given to my wife Lene and me by Lisa and Jens for our Anniversary....! 

A little detail of the raw/handrubbed BG 42! Thanks so much to you both!:o)

Ansų Tukan. Don't have it anymore, but a damn fine knife! Tukan turned tactical! Modified Sheepsfoot! Outstanding cordrwrapped 3,5 mm. thin, insanely sharp slicer! Jens sent me this for Christmas! I love it!
Pocket Scalpel in beadblasted RWL-34. Birthday gift from Nicolai and Jens! Thanks guys! Small damasteel sticker, that Jens sent me as a gift! It's a beauty! Thanks bro!:-) Camillus CUDA CQB-1. Not really an Ansų, but seriously customized by Jens!
Vox Knives
Vox MTT. Awesome knife! Hardcore knife for hard work! Vox MegaMini. Extremely practical little critter!:-)

Vox Janitor. The coolest little knife for the hardworking professional EVER! Thanks bro! 
JJS Knives
JJS Knives Wharncliffe w/carbon fibre scales,
 red liners and red kydex!
JJS Knives Santuko. Hardcore kitchen knife in 6 mm. beadblasted RWL-34! JJS Knives 7 inch Santuko with highly polished hippo tooth scales. An absolutely aweseom gift from an awesome guy! 

JJS Paring knife. Perfect all-round kitchen knife in beadblasted RWL-34. JJS "Proto". Outdoors/utility knife in beadblasted RWL-34. Thanks a bunch, Sean! ;o)

Sean Zapara

Beautiful damascus Hunter by my friend Sean Zapara.
Thank you so much!:-) 

 Jack (Guldan)G

"Kali" by Jack (Guldan) from Poland. Jack was sailing from Poland to Greenland(!), came around my place on the way - and brought me this monster of a knife! Thanks bro! Made from acid etched spring steel and unlike anything I have ever seen! Awesomely cool!